Our Retail Environment team were tasked with designing, producing and fitting a window display in Arnotts on behalf of our customer, Whirlpool.

Arnotts is Ireland's oldest and largest department store with a huge amount of footfall, situated on Henry Street, Dublin.

We produced a 3D design concept at short notice based only on materials that were immediately available while staying within the brand guidelines of Whirlpool and the display guidelines of Arnotts.

Arnotts Whirlpool 3D Visuals
3D Design Concept

Tying our design into the adjoining display area, we produced a fully functional display kitchen for live cooking demonstrations.

Our tradesmen and support staff operated largely out of hours to minimize disruption to this high profile retail environment and kept onsite installation to 1.5 days.

Arnotts window display Whirlpool
The finished installtion based on the 3D visuals above

We produced everything bespoke from the halo lit signage and artwork to the polished granite pot stands and walnut finished light frames with a turnaround of 6 days from acceptance of quotation to completion.

Polished granite pot stands
Polished granite pot stands
Arnotts Whirlpool Window Display Interior
Arnotts Whirlpool window display interior

The kitchen is also designed to be modular and reusable and will be used as part of a trade show for Whirlpool later in the year.