We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with such a well known brand as the Kerry Group, providing them with a Brand Management Portal that allows staff in multiple sites across Ireland, UK and Europe, to customise and order stationery easily and efficiently.

Prior to setting up the Brand Management Portal each site would place orders through a variety of local printers, in fact the total number of vendors was over 120! This purchasing method did not allow the group to leverage volume purchasing and save cost.

- Kerry Group locations worldwide, yes - there's a lot!

Brand Compliance

Another issue across the network of sites was that of Brand Compliance. In recent years some of the stationery produced did not adhere to the company's brand guidelines. It's hardly suprising because policing brand guidelines across such a large network and different vendors is always going to be tough.

- With the Brand Portal all templates do not allow changes that break the brand guidelines

The Results

The Brand Management Portal has helped the Kerry Group order customised business cards, compliment slips, letterheads and other stationary easily. Templates on the Brand Management Portal adhere to the brand guidelines for each division of the group. Customising and ordering items is an extremly simple and efficient process.

No more ad-hoc design needs to be carried out by graphic designers, the artwork generated by the Brand Portal is print ready and aligned to the brand guidelines.

Orders placed through the Brand Portal are guarenteed to be on spec, to guidelines and run from the same machine ensuring the same consistent print finish every time.

The rationale behind the Kerry Group using fewer printing vendors is clear and concise, it ensures compliance to the Brand Guidelines and ensures quality and consitency of the printed items. By rationalising the supplier base and consolidating spend on stationery through the Brand Portal they are able to leverage group buying power across a network of many sites.