Whirlpool Ireland engaged The Smart Group to develop a unique visual concept for their built in appliance range. We were tasked with providing a style that would suit both the Whirlpool and Hotpoint brands. The display needed to be functionality sound and capable of hosting live cookery demonstrations. The display also needed to differentiate itself from other displays in-store and set the tone for future Whirlpool displays.

The Smart group were tasked with creating something 'visually remarkable' but stayed true to the brand guidelines.

The concept was drafted in CAD and 3D models were rendered using the latest technology

Our designers were required to carry out research of existing displays in the marketplace. Create a new design concept to drive the brand forward in the years ahead. Our design team endeavoured to showcase the modern aspect of the appliances. Their modern styling and revolutionary technology features.

Our graphic design team worked in tandem with our retail design team to ensure plenty of visual cues to back up the brand message.


The new Built in display serves as one a marker on how Whirlpool will represent their appliances in the future. It has elevated the Whirlpool & Hotpoint's in this particular store and is a template of things to come.

The concept comes to life
The Hotpoint wall with appliances fitted
The high gloss finish on the units and soft lighting surround and frame the appliances nicely!
High quality finishing