Patrick Corkery

Patrick Corkery
Technical Lead & Web Developer

Patrick is our resident chief nerd, responsible for anything binary in the building and creating and delivering technology solutions to our clients

Patrick joined The Smart Group in 2011 and brought with him over 10 years of experience in Web Design and Development. As Technical Lead & Web Developer the former part of his title means he's not only responsible for Web Development but is the go to guy for questions pertaining to Printers, Phones, Network Issues or just about anything with a battery or mains powered.

His keen interest in web technologies and applications is fed into client projects as well as spearheading our own technology offerings. He is involved in projects throughout the process, whether it be kick off meetings, research or getting his hands dirty with development and testing.

When he's not in front of a computer screen he can be found out on the golf course. He's also a keen snowboarder and tries to get a trip in each year.