5 tips from the experts to create innovative marketing solutions

25th July, 2016

5 tips from the experts to create innovative marketing solutions

When faced with a challenging brief from a client or customer, you need to pull the whole team together to brainstorm ideas to create innovative marketing solutions that will fit the bill. When our creative team at The Smart Group get together to solve a problem for a client, there are a few things we always do, which we’ve found can really help to create innovative marketing solutions – here are 5 tips from us for you to try:

Generating the ideas

Brainstorming ideas is one of the fun parts of the job! We get the whole team together, clear the schedule and make sure that we’re 100% focused on the task at hand, and we get to benefit from the full range of experience and creative genius from the whole team. We’ll discuss the problem, talk through some ideas and any that are really exciting we’ll map them out further so that we’ll have a plan to present to the client – we’ve always found this to be the most effective way to create innovative marketing solutions that the whole team can get behind.

Translating these into the brief

Once we have decided on the right strategy to fulfil the requirements of the brief from the client, we’ll pull together a presentation of ideas and how these would work in practice in a real-life solution. Bringing a concept to life isn’t always easy, but we’ve got years of experience doing this, so we know how to deliver a solution that provides results.

Learn from past successes, and adapt for new clients

We find our customer case studies are vital for showing new customers the wealth of experience we have, and the many ways in which our creative team can push the boundaries of traditional marketing solutions to create impactful designs instead. We’ll also take into account customer intelligence data, so that we deliver commercial results for our clients.

Use the skills from the whole team

Collectively, our team have decades of experience in delivering creative marketing solutions, and our creative team work alongside the print experts for a collaborative service that delivers maximum impact and return. In terms of the design skills we possess, it’s not just print design – we have experience in digital, brand and 3D design, which is vital when we are bringing concepts to life.

Build good supplier relationships

We know that sometimes bringing your concept to life will require some additional labour that we can’t provide ourselves, which is why we’ve built an excellent network of skilled people that we work closely with to translate your ideas into a functioning reality. Never is this more important than with our creative retail environments, so we’re thankful that we have a team of professionals who can manufacture the desired items to the highest standard, and our store fit out team can skilfully assemble displays and equipment on site, instantly transforming the space.

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