6 pieces of printed marketing collateral every business needs

5th May, 2016

6 pieces of printed marketing collateral every business needs

If you want to be perceived as a reputable, professional company you need to have the right promotional items to back it up. Why should a prospective new client or customer take you seriously if you have subpar printed marketing collateral, or worse none at all? Your marketing collateral sets the tone for your brand, it’s an invaluable sales tool and it can tell a story where you can’t. Show you really mean business with these 6 pieces of printed marketing collateral every business needs, from a high level CEO to a new sole trader making his or her name in the world.

  1. Business cards

Some people believe that business cards are old fashioned, and would prefer to direct people to online marketing channels such as their LinkedIn profile to find all their essential information, however this is not the case. Building a relationship or participating in a professional networking opportunity will be more successful with a personal touch – referring someone to your Linked In profile is impersonal and unlikely to build the foundations of a mutually beneficial partnership. Keep your business cards everywhere – in your bag or wallet, your laptop bag or your pocket. You’ll always find a cause to use them. Here’s a handy guide to the anatomy of your business card.

  1. Letter-headed paper

Many small businesses overlook this type of branded marketing collateral, however any correspondence that comes from you will instantly look 100% more credible if it arrives on branded paper. A simple footer with your address, phone and VAT number (if applicable) immediately makes you look more professional and trustworthy.

  1. Case studies

What better way to show off your skills and expertise than with examples of your past work? Case studies are so effective in illustrating your capabilities and how you tackle unique projects. While these are great to have on your website, it’s essential to have printed copies available too, to leave with customers or to hand out at exhibitions as another visual reminder of you and your brand.

  1. Presentation folders

If you plan on leaving a lot of information with your customer, like a quotation for work, or a brochure or perhaps some case studies as mentioned above, why not leave it all in a beautifully branded presentation folder. Not only will it help keep all the information neat and in one place (all the better for your customer to find it again) but it’s another way to get your brand in front of the people who matter and leave a lasting impression.

  1. Invoice templates

Everyone charges for their work, so if you aren’t branding your invoice templates in line with the rest of your printed marketing collateral then you are missing a crucial marketing opportunity. Just because an invoice is a functional business document doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Check out a few of these eye-catching invoice examples for some inspiration for your own.

  1. Point of Sale

Time to get creative! What POS (point of sale) would really help your business to stand out? Whether you need till POS, flyers, brochures or pop up banners for your next training seminar or exhibition, make sure your brand is the one everyone is talking about. Why not talk to us about innovative ways you can bring your brand to market?

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