Best Marketing Campaigns During Quarantine

Best Marketing Campaigns During Quarantine

10th September, 2020

When the initial outbreak of COVID-19 began back in March everyone was advised to stay home and life was put on hold. Safe to stay everybody’s priorities changed, as did our spending habits, and some companies saw this is an opportunity to decrease their advertising budget. Other players did the exact opposite. As everyone was staying at home this was the perfect opportunity for some brands to keep their audience and customers interested through creative campaigns which also brought us some joy when the whole world was at a standstill.

Here is a roundup of some of the most joyous and heart-warming campaigns that brands carried out during quarantine.

Watch all of the campaign videos below!


After the announcement that St. Patrick’s Day celebrations were to be cancelled, it was only expected for Guinness to release a heartfelt and joyous video message to the people of Ireland reassuring us that ‘We will March again’. Their message to us was to raise a glass whilst raising each other on this holiday and to celebrate safely. They reminded us we have a lot to look forward to in the future.

This was a message that the Irish needed, as we could not celebrate like we typically do every Paddy’s day. It also made us all proud to be Irish!


Cadbury’s campaign message was ‘When this all ends, this doesn’t need to end’. It focussed on all the positives that came during the pandemic; from spending quality time with family, reaching out to people and offering a helping hand to raise each other’s spirits during a dark time. Their campaign celebrated the generosity that people displayed during the pandemic which resonates back to their brands core message ‘There’s a glass and a half in everyone’. Their message was extremely emotional which resonated with their audience and gave us all the heart-warming message that we needed to hear.


Honda’s #stayhome campaign message was humorous and inspired creativity whilst staying indoors and keeping safe. They stuck to their usual advert aesthetic,with cameras panning across the interior and exterior of a Honda Civic, but put a completely homemade twist on it. They included shots of interiors of houses such as sofas, kitchens and coffee tables indicating that the whole campaign was shot at home. The ending of the video is unexpected but rather humorous as it derides the nature of typical car advertisements.


As Lego’s demographic is mostly aimed toward young children, they took this opportunity to create a humorous and effective approach to explaining to children the importance of staying home and cleanliness during the pandemic. Using the two main characters from the Lego movies franchise they encouraged kids to be superheroes and came up with an alternative song of heads, shoulders, knees and toes. This song was an effective way to encourage children to practice social distancing and keep safe at home. Lego not only forged a real connection with their target demographic but also encouraged families across the globe to get creative during quarantine.


Apple was also another prime example of a brand that created a campaign encouraging creativity during the pandemic. Apple created an advert to express how creative people can be, and how much time we have now to do so when we are staying at home. The advert captures how people are using the brands products to stay connected and be creative during lockdown, amplifying the campaigns message ‘Creativity goes on’.

Tourism Ireland

Their main message throughout this campaign was ‘I will return into her arms’, which focuses on the future and when visitors can explore the gems and beauty of Ireland again. This was the perfect inspiration for an Irish holiday when restrictions lifted and contributed to the encouragement of staycations. The videos in the campaign captured the natural beauty of Irish tourist destinations and what we have available to us on our doorsteps. This helped us dream and look forward to an escape when we could travel again.


Three created one of the most recognisable adverts during lockdown in Ireland. They created a campaign that was both informative on offering all you can eat data to their customers, and relevant in mentioning the change in communication between families during lockdown. They struck an emotional chord with their customers by depicting an innocent virtual FaceTime conversation between a grandson and grandfather.

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