Brands Doing Halloween Right

Brands Doing Halloween Right

29th October, 2020

These Halloween campaigns do not seem half as scary as what 2020 has brought upon us all. Some brands go all out for Halloween each year and consistently deliver spooky content to our screens

We have compiled some of the best campaigns to date; campaigns that really broke through with audiences. Each campaign is an effective example of staying true to the spirit of Halloween whilst also taking a unique approach to celebrate it.


Fanta is one brand you can continuously count on for an innovative approach towards their Halloween campaigns each year. The release of their Spooktacular limited edition bottles and cans involved online marketing and sponsorship with and This campaign also saw them teaming up with Dublin’s notorious horror experience, Nightmare Realm, in the RDS, where they launched the Fanta Zero escape rooms.

All bottles and cans also carried QR codes which gave access to limited edition snapchat filters.


LG took a different approach for one of their Halloween campaigns, by literally trying to scare the wits out of their audience! They replaced the parts of an elevator floor with television screens, and tricked their unsuspected audience into thinking the floor of the lift was falling apart! This campaign worked for them on many levels; as it prompted customer engagement and also communicated the brand message that their monitors display
ultra-realistic pictures.

M&M's Millie & Max

Aside from releasing bizarre Halloween themed flavours of their confectionary each year, M&M’s release some of the most innovative Halloween campaigns we’ve seen. Their campaign release of interactive ghost stories on social media was a thing of genius, as it encouraged customer engagement with the brand, and was an effective practice of content marketing.

Every instalment of the interactive game led to two alternative endings which viewers were asked to vote on their preferable ending. The following instalment each week would continue from the previous weeks winning ending.

The interactive campaign had a dynamic story, compelling graphics, and a sense of interactivity to maintain user involvement each week.

Burger King #Scaryclownnight

Another example of a brand that engages in effective customer engagement through their Halloween campaigns is Burger King. Their campaign #Scaryclownnight encouraged people to go to Burger King dressed as a clown in order to receive a free Whopper burger. This campaign was promoted through an eery clown-filled video with the hashtag #scaryclownnight. The campaign was also an indirect jibe towards the chain’s rival, McDonalds and their brands mascot.

Burger King always live up to their reputation of delivering genuinely creepy campaigns each Halloween. As another campaign they launched called ‘Feed your nightmares’ showed a documentary style video, of subjects being fed the chains branded ‘Nightmare King Burger’. The burger is said to increase your nightmares by 3.5%. Their campaign involved an actual doctor and real research which you could say is either completely over the top and bizarre or entirely devoted to scaring their audiences.

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