Brands Supporting Mental Health

Brands Supporting Mental Health

7th October, 2020

As world mental health day approaches it is important to discuss the ongoing impact that mental health has on people and open a conversation and break the stigma surrounding the issue. Talking openly and sensitively about mental health is vital all year round and especially now. Due to Covid-19 many people are experiencing loneliness and high levels of emotional stress as we are all being faced with times of uncertainty and the unknown.

For this years World Mental Health Day, we have complied some of the amazing campaigns that some brands have launched to show their support for individuals suffering from mental health.


This popular backpack brand amongst Millennials began a #lightentheload campaign earlier this year to encourage and open up conversations about young people struggling with mental health issues. Three out of ten young people say they feel anxious/ nervous nearly every day and Jansport recognises these struggles as a key issue in society and launched the campaign to help #lightentheload.

They used their platform to host live Instagram sessions with mental health professionals to encourage young people to get involved. They also created a film series highlighting some of the most pressing mental health issues that young people face today.

Read more info on their #Lightentheload campaign here;

Burger King

Last year for mental health awareness month the fast-food chain made a strong statement in its Real meals campaign, stating that not every meal is a ‘happy meal’. The aim of their campaign was to recognise that people aren’t happy all the time and that’s okay. They released meal boxes which customers could choose from to match to their mood. They also began a hashtag called feelyourway on social media to promote their mental health campaign.

Revlon x Gurls Talk

A collaboration between the makeup giant and a British supermodel brought about a campaign to motivate young girls to own their insecurities. The cosmetics that came from this collaboration encouraged consumers to use them as empowerment tools. The names of the makeup kits launched from this campaign shined a light on key concerns for modern women such as body positivity, feminine health and mental wellbeing.

The collaboration that was launched last year aimed to build a community of young women who are ready to speak openly about their mental health issues. After wearing the products all consumers were encouraged to log on to Gurls talk network and share their own personal stories with others. This campaign launch came at a time when encouragement of young people speaking out about their mental health battles was needed as young people’s mental health in particular, is an area of growing concern.

MyProtein – Stronger Together

The health and fitness orientated brand released a new campaign called stronger together where a percentage of the money they make on a line of their products goes towards mental health charities. Their campaign video is a strong and emotional visual as it depicts the ‘invisible weight’ that people carry around when they are suffering from mental health issues and that some struggles are hard to see.

Watch their inspirational campaign video here

An Post – Staying Connected

An post sent out over five million free post cards to households and local post offices all over Ireland to help and encourage people stay connected with their loved ones during the pandemic. These post cards have personalised messages at the front to enable people of all ages to send a message of love and support to close people in their lives.

An Post CEO, David McRedmond said these post cards are encouraged to be sent to the older generation, grandparents, people living abroad and people living alone. The pandemic saw depression, anxiety and loneliness rates soar as it showed that 41% of Irish people reported feeling lonely during the pandemic. Harry Brent, The Irish Post (Read his full article here).

These postcards acted as a reminder to people they are not forgotten and offered a comforting message in a time of need. Post is a powerful link that lets people stay connected whilst keeping apart.

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