How to attract more customers with innovative print marketing solutions

19th July, 2016

How to attract more customers with innovative print marketing solutions

Attracting customers and moving them through the purchase funnel is essential to the success of any business. But how can you attract more customers with innovative print marketing solutions? We’ll take a look at each stage of the purchase funnel, using the classic AIDA model, and give you some inspiring examples of how you can use print marketing at each stage to make your marketing communications messages most effective.

Awareness – Creating brand awareness using print might seem old-fashioned in this digital age, however ignore print at your peril. Most if not all companies need to take a multi-channel approach to building awareness, so print used in conjunction with digital marketing messages will be crucial in driving awareness for your product or service. For an eye-catching way to let customers know about your product or service, what about sponsorship? Using promotional POS to advertise your sponsorship of a team or an event is a great way to raise awareness of both parties.

Interest – Now that they are aware of you, you have to pique your customer’s interest. Educate your customers about your benefits or how your product or service can solve their problem with eye-catching direct mail shots for grabbing their attention. Use these tools to drive them to digital channels, for example using printed QR codes on magazine adverts to drive users to online review sites or product demo videos on YouTube. Printed case studies are also an excellent way to showcase the best parts of your offering, and prompt them to research more about you.

Desire – Creating desire in customers for your product or service can be achieved with beautiful brochures. Use this channel to really sell your product, with beautiful imagery and professional photography to give your brand some credibility. You could also use print marketing solutions in the form of professionally printed invitations, inviting your prospective customers to a new product launch or an event you are running. Always include a call to action on any of your print media, so that your customer can clearly see what their next step should be.

Action – Taking action, and actually purchasing is the ultimate goal, and you can help your customers along this path by using clever print marketing solutions in the form of in store POS. Directional signage in your shop, creative wall decals, till POS – all these and more are crucial to helping you convert your customers. Check out our recent blog post on creating unique visual displays for your business.

After you’ve acquired your customers, you need to work at retaining them. After all, they say 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. In order to do this, we think direct mail is a really effective and often overlooked channel for re-engaging with your customers after they’ve purchased.

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