How to take charge of your boring retail displays

2nd September, 2016

How to take charge of your boring retail displays

One of the most challenging things for shop owners is trying to get people through the door, where your excellent customer service and attention to detail can do the rest of the work and convert them into a sale. But how do you get them inside in the first place? Sure, advertising is crucial, but don’t underestimate the power of your retail displays as a method for enticing people inside to find out more. If you’re stumped at how to make your shop front look more attractive, here are a few tips to help you take charge of your boring retail displays.

Window displays that turn heads

Your window displays are crucial for making people stop and take notice of what you have to offer, so they really need to shine. Consider all the visual elements you’ll need for an amazing window display – artwork, graphics, props, lighting and window vinyl to name but a few for starters. Consider where your customer’s eye line will be when they’re outside looking in, and don’t be afraid to go bold to intrigue passers-by. Check out this article for great tips on visual merchandising done well.

Interactive demonstration areas

Once inside the door, you need to wow your customers with your product offering, service and expertise, but how do you really stand out from the crowd? We think it’s with interactive displays, and if you have a product that allows for it, a demonstration area to really make the retail experience personal and engaging, and something your customers will remember.

Inspiration stations

Where can your customers go to talk through ideas or concepts that they’d like to create using your product or service? Why, at a dedicated inspiration station in your store of course. Say goodbye to a boring office off the side of the shop floor and instead create an immersive space in the middle of the action for your customers to get inspired in. Have copies of case studies and brochures to hand to guide the conversations into meaningful discussions about what your customer wants to do with your product or service.

Plan in advance with our 3D software

How can you be sure to banish boring retail displays with as little risk as possible to you? By talking to us. We’ll translate your retail display ideas into rich 3D concepts and let you see what the end result will look like, so you can get a feel for the transformation before our manufacturing and fitting team take over.

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