How we use technology to deliver better results for our clients

18th November, 2015

How we use technology to deliver better results for our clients

We understand the value of good technology. We utilise a variety of Technology Platforms that streamline our workflows, we also deliver solutions to our clients so they to can benefit.

Studio Technology

Digital Asset Managment

The Smart Group has the easiest way to share large business files with one person or a hundred. All of your files in one secure location and benefits such as:

  • Integrated into your workflow
  • Upload files up to 10 GB in size
  • Share directly from ShareFile, your email or your file’s print menu
  • Get support and help with setup from our customer care team
  • Create online folders
  • Access files from any PC, Mac or mobile device

Online Proofing

  • No more searching through email chains for the most recent layouts or comments. No more endless rounds of meetings and conference calls. Our secure online proofing system means artwork turnaround times have never been quicker.
  • Other Benefits Include
  • More productive workflow
  • Fast implementation
  • Centralised, consolidated feedback
  • Anytime, anywhere proofing
  • Compliance was never easier

Procurement Technology


Printelligence software ensures The Smart Group print buying team has the most effective tool on the market to easily and sustainably harness supplier value for our clients.

The benefits of Printelligence:

  • Benchmarking industry pricing to track the lowest sustainable price, so we can assure our customers that they are paying less than if they had bought the service themselves
  • Automating and streamlining the project pricing process through our proprietary software, so we can give our customers instant, sustainable and low prices
  • Providing print suppliers with real-time intelligence on their price and service performance, so they can improve based upon real insight. In turn, our customers benefit from these improvements
  • Leveraging our purchasing economies of scale. The more work we manage, the more our customers benefit through lower prices
  • Actively maintaining a competitive supplier roster through constant review. This provides our customers flexibility and business continuity through depth and breadth in our supply chain
  • Aggregating spend with preferred suppliers, thereby giving our customers access to best-in-class services and innovation
  • Working on innovative new services and solutions with our suppliers, thereby helping our customers drive their top level growth through exciting new product development

Brand Management


SmartMarketing™ is a fully integrated web-to-print and brand management platform that allows business networks to create personalised marketing materials whilst preventing changes that alter your brand. It is an ideal system for franchised networks, departmental organisations and multi-site businesses.

SmartMarketing™ provides a central location for storing and delivering Marketing Materials and other assets. The Brand Portal allows users of the network to selve server marketing.

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