Making the Switch To Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Making the Switch To Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

21st September, 2020

Did you know that there is an estimated two million disposable coffee cups a day in Ireland going into landfill? That amounts to 22,000 every hour or 366 every minute. Shockingly, this amount of waste is just one item out of many we use each day. On a daily basis items such as wrappers, straws, and plastic bags/bottles/cutlery are contributing to the immense amount of daily waste worldwide.

With the public becoming more environmentally aware of single use plastics, it is important for businesses to start replacing these items with reusable products to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Businesses play an important role in leading this social change, catering for their customer’s needs and values. Eco-friendly promotional items are becoming more popular for good reason. People want to buy from and associate with brands that believe in their values. Businesses should jump on board with reusable items as it shows your staff and customers that your brand takes corporate and social responsibility seriously.

Sourcing materials for your promotional items that are reusable and eco-friendly allows you and your brand to gain all the benefits of brand recognition minus the negative environmental impact.

Investing in reusable materials for promotional items

This will result in long term brand awareness; if any brand is investing in promotional items they will want to make sure it brings a substantial ROI. Giving out practical everyday reusable items such as tote bags, pens, travel mugs and reusable water bottles allows your brands logo and name to be seen repeatedly over a long period of time. It is important to choose practical items that you believe your customer will use repeatedly as this will help in achieving maximum brand recognition.

Reusable promotional items will also portray your brand in a positive way. It shows an environmental and ethical conscience. As mentioned previously, customers choose to purchase from companies that share their values. Showing consumers your commitment to reducing waste demonstrates your care for the environment and reflects particularly well on your company. According to Forbes, 88% of consumers will be more loyal to a brand that supports social and environmental issues. With more and more businesses opting to pursue sustainable practice and reduce adverse effects on the environment, it is important for your business to not get left behind. Today’s customers are becoming increasingly more aware of how the choices they make and the products they buy impact the environment.

Eco-friendly products are made of durable, compostable or recyclable materials that sees the products lasting for way longer. When you are investing in producing a promotional product similar as to when you are purchasing one, you want it to be reliable and effective. With such long lasting materials used to make these products your brand can be rest assured that these products will gain you brand recognition.

A lot of eco-friendly materials are also biodegradable, so once your promotional products have outlived their purpose they won’t just go to landfill, they are able to break down easily therefore reducing your company’s impact on the environment even further.

At The Smart Group we are dedicated to environmental policies and procedures that foster a sustainable future and lead to improvements in the communities that we do business. It is our responsibility to re-imagine our core products and services and widen our focus beyond profit, to consider how we can create value in society and thrive in the future. We believe we can do well by doing good. Therefore, we provide eco-friendly branded products such as coffee cups, stationery and much more to our clients!

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