Quar-horror: The Zoom Movies that broke records

Quar-horror: The Zoom Movies that broke records

13th October, 2020

Before lockdown you may have never heard of Zoom unless you were in the tech industry. However due to the work from home policies that were encouraged during lockdown, Zoom has now become a verb like Google and Uber. With people confined to their own homes, apps that allowed us to keep in touch became a central part to our day-day lives.

Zoom had become millions of people’s go to when it came to work meetings when we could not meet in person. In March 2020, Zoom was seeing record high usage of 200 million daily meeting participants. The following two months saw figures rise above 300 million. .

Zoom was not just being used for virtual classes and business meetings, it was a hub for quizzes and cocktail hours with friends and family, workouts and cooking classes.

Unfortunately, it is not a long shot to say that this year has felt like a horror movie. And now a few filmmakers have made it official by showing us staying home is scary too. When filming and production was not possible due to the ongoing pandemic, filmmakers became extremely creative and filmed their projects using Zoom. These productions have even created their own movie genre called “quar-horror”.


This was the first feature film of the quar-horror genre that explicitly exploits what is inherently creepy about Zoom. The scratchy audio, inexplicable dropouts and cut offs, fake backgrounds to disguise people, and the ridiculous facial filters Horror is all about scaring people with things that could happen to them, and this was a new way of doing exactly that.

This production freaked people out with something that has become such a regular occurrence in their new daily routines.

This movie was filmed in under three months by director Rob Savage. It is Zoom based horror turned into a genuinely effective spine chiller. The film ranked high on movie critics reviews such as IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. Also earning a decent spot on the US box office, it shows what can be done during these times with limitations and with basic technology on hand.

This feature is available worldwide on Shudder, which is available to stream here


This was another ‘quar-horror’ related movie made during the ongoing pandemic. Two filmmakers created this short film that then reached number one in the box-office in America for six consecutive weeks. Keeping in mind no budget had been put toward the creation of this movie. This feature was also solely created on Zoom platform featuring

Youtubers as their cast. This movie again showcases what can be produced and directed with the most basic technology and confirmed how imaginative many people have been in making the best out of a terrible situation.

This short feature film is available to stream worldwide here via Vimeo


Heading back to Irish roots, two Irish filmmakers collaborated to produce a short eight-minute film to provide us with amusement and will resonate with anyone who worked from home during the pandemic. Monaghan based writer Adam Brennan teamed up with Irish director Colin Fleming to produce a short eight-minute movie centring around the stages we all went transitioned through when working from home. The two filmmakers communicated through Zoom and WhatsApp to give each other direction through the filming process and to prove that remote filming without meeting in person could take place. They decided to take another approach with this film genre; as they decided people had enough drama at home and the Irish needed some amusement.

You can watch the short feature below!

This short feature also proves that a lot can be done with little at hand and even though the virus prevented us from leaving our homes, it did not prevent people from creating something that they could be very proud of!

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