The importance of creative marketing solutions for your business

6th September, 2016

The importance of creative marketing solutions for your business

Creativity is crucial in business – to constantly think of new ideas, while still communicating your core message can be a real challenge, which is why it’s essential to build good relationships with your creative agency, so that you can work together to drive your brand forward.

In this blog post, we’ll look in more detail at the importance of creative marketing solutions for your business, and how our experts at The Smart Group can help.

Keep your customers interested

In the fickle times we live in where there is ample choice everywhere, brands really need to work for customer loyalty – it’s not a guarantee. Keeping your customers interested in your brand is a challenge, and companies need to face it head on with creative marketing solutions that grab attention and convert by communicating benefits and USPs in a unique way.

Get people talking

When you present your brand in a surprising or unexpected way, people start talking about it and this positive word of mouth is like gold dust for companies. Creative marketing campaigns are often the most commercially successful, as their unexpected nature adds another dimension of value to a company seeking to differentiate themselves from the same old campaigns preferred by companies stuck in a rut with their marketing efforts.

Attract new customers

If your plan is to attract new customer segments or target a different type of consumer, your current marketing efforts may not be the most appropriate channel to reach them. Depending on the behaviours and characteristics of your target audience, you might need a more creative approach to make them sit up and take notice of you. Similarly, there is no such thing as a ‘mass market’ anymore, and businesses need to think seriously about how they can market at a one-to-one level, and avoid the repetitive engagement that has been the norm for so long.

We have dedicated teams who specialise in creative services which are used to bring your campaigns to life, and print media specialists for the best signage and promotional merchandise. We work with some of the top brands in Ireland to create inspired ideas that bring brands to life, and we do this through the creation, production, sourcing and distribution of printed and digital communications.

Hopefully the above reasons have confirmed the importance of creative marketing solutions for your business, but how can you go about incorporating these into your own campaigns? Traditionally, the elements of surprise, humour and contrast have been used to create ads that get people talking, whether it’s through words, visuals or media – and the latter two are really where The Smart Group can help you stand out.

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