The Smart Group Creative Studio Secrets Branding Do's and Don'ts

30th June, 2016

The Smart Group Creative Studio Secrets Branding Do's and Don'ts

The creative studio team at The Smart Group are the best in the business, and they love nothing more than taking your brand identity and translating that into beautiful concepts to truly reflect your company or product’s style and personality, whether it’s professional and corporate or quirky and fun. With all their years of collective experience, the team have collated an essential checklist of branding do’s and don’ts to help you create a memorable and credible brand.

Do take time to pull together a creative brief for your agency that details all you want from the branding process. The clearer you are from the beginning about your brand personality, styles you like, and your identity then you can use this to develop your USPs and value proposition. It also allows for clearer feedback channels as you can relate your opinions to specific areas of the brief.

Don’t launch your new brand without a proper brief to your employees. Why the change? Are the values any different? What does this brand represent? You need to get their buy in to make it a success.

Do commit to your branding, across every channel. Your branding is not just your logo, and the quality and integrity of your work needs to be represented across every channel. Our creative services team can help you translate your brand on paper to inspiring displays no matter what format you need.

Don’t forget to talk to your employees and customers to get their input on what makes the brand unique. Quite often they’ll have a very different perspective on what makes it different or what values they associate with it than that of the marketing department.

Do research companies and concepts that you like – across all industries. Yes, it’s important to know what your competition are doing, but you need to make your brand stand out, and you won’t do that by briefing similar concepts to your creative team.

Don’t rebrand continually. This is why it’s worth spending the time reviewing concepts at the beginning to get your branding perfect, as rebranding is a costly process, and you will risk losing brand equity and goodwill with your established customer base if you change it frequently.

Do police your brand after it’s been launched. Is everyone using the correct branding across all channels? If not, is there a phased implementation to introduce it gradually? Don’t risk confusing your customers if they are exposed to different branded versions of the same product or company – it will likely do nothing for loyalty in the long run.

Don’t launch your brand until you’re 100% satisfied that it meets your requirements. You need to eat, sleep and breathe your brand values, so if there’s any disconnect between these then it’s not going to work.

If you’re thinking about your brand, talk to us – it’s our job to help bring your concept to life, no matter what format you need it in.

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