Things to consider for unique visual displays for your business

5th July, 2016

Things to consider for unique visual displays for your business

Creating eye-catching designs in your retail premises is easier said than done – savvy consumers today are more practiced at filtering out all the unwanted marketing noise, so your creative POS really has to work hard to get noticed. If you’ve hit a bit of a creative block when it comes to thinking of new ways to make more of your displays, read these tips we’ve put together on things to consider for unique visual displays for your business, plus some examples that we’ve seen recently that we absolutely love.

Clings and Skins

Clings are a great, inexpensive way to promote your brand or business. They have the benefit of being very quick to apply, and can be peeled and repositioned many times over, without leaving any residue on the window. Most businesses choose to go down the route of permanent window vinyls, but with these you can create unique visual displays for your business that can be updated frequently to keep your window displays fresh and interesting. We love this example Apple did of a broken window effect to really turn heads. We love POS that leaves no residue on products/surfaces and that can be reused so we make it our mission to have solutions for all surfaces. This means we can change them about frequently so we are always drawing attention and keeping campaigns fresh.

Wall Appliques and Wall Decals

Find new ways to tell your brand’s story with wall decals or stickers to draw attention to otherwise wasted spaces when it comes to visual displays. Do you have a TV mounted in your showroom? Why not add a colourful wall decal frame around it to make sure people watch your videos? Using wall stickers is an easy way to incorporate more marketing or brand messages into your space without having to worry about it taking up vital floor space.

Good Lighting

Never underestimate the power of lighting when it comes to showing off your visual displays to their best. From subtle flooring lighting to direct people around a showroom, to colourful LED lighting in a shop front window, getting your lighting right is often the deciding factor between an eye-catching display and a boring one. When it comes to clever examples of wall decals and good lighting combined, you can’t get more striking than this example from a French boutique.


Often, people don’t pay much attention to the floor, but it’s got serious marketing potential beyond measuring footfall for visitor number targets. Floor graphics, branded mats and carpets are a very eye catching visual way to direct customers to certain areas of a store, or to an exhibition stand. You can also get outdoor versions which will stick to concrete to direct customers into your store and support your external POS too.

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