Ways to make your marketing collateral more interesting

9th September, 2016

Ways to make your marketing collateral more interesting

Make your marketing collateral stand out with our help. Every business needs fresh and engaging marketing collateral and as we’re very experienced in bringing concepts and ideas to life, and seeing the whole process through right through to delivery, your marketing is in very safe hands with us. Here are some ways to make your marketing collateral more interesting that we’ve come across and which would be easy to apply to your own marketing – little changes for big impacts.


Nearly everyone has a brochure, but sometimes people really do judge a book by its cover, so even if your content is great, what are the first impressions from the perspective of a potential customer? Is the cover colourful? Is the paper high quality? Have you considered using spot UV to make your brochure cover look more luxurious, or even make certain pages within stand out more? Talk to us today and see if we can help you make-over your current brochure for a really eye-catching sales tool.​


Whether it’s directional signage, shop front POS or a helpful floor plan of your store interior, you should really have a comprehensive suite of signage with synergy across them all to reflect your branding. If you have multiple stores or locations and you want to ensure that everyone is brand compliant, why not talk to us about how we helped the Kerry Group ensure brand compliance by using our brand management portal? In terms of making your signage more interesting, why not consider backlit graphics to really make your signs stand out?

Promotional merchandise

Getting your brand in front of customers takes work, and many companies choose to use promotional merchandise to do so. It’s not just about branded pens though, there are lots interesting ways to get your company name out there – so your imagination is the only limit.

Direct mail

Many people assume direct mail is dead, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We have excellent experience in delivering impressive direct mail campaigns that get results – just one example is our seasonal campaign we did for The Irish Hospice Foundation. How did we make this campaign more interesting? By carrying out extensive research to understand the key messages, sourcing the perfect images to support the campaign message, and timing every element of the campaign so that maximum impact could be achieved. You can read more about it here.

Business cards

Everyone needs a business card, but is yours just getting lost in the stack at the bottom of a laptop bag? If you want to make this element of your marketing collateral more interesting, why not update the design with something other than just your contact details. We’ve seen some great examples here for people who really make their cards stand out. If you want to make a few simple changes to yours, consider something as easy as changing the paper it’s printed on to luxury thick card instead, which can have a core colour to make it really stand out.

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