What impacts a customer's in-store shopping experience?

15th July, 2016

What impacts a customer's in-store shopping experience?

Most people believe that the rise of online shopping has meant the death of the high street store, however, the physical store is still the retail touchpoint with the highest frequency, so it pays not to ignore it. When your customer chooses to visit a store over buying online, it’s normally because they get added value from the experience of interaction with you in your store. When considering what impacts a customer’s in-store shopping experience, here are a few things you might want to consider:

Ambiance & Environment

Shopping online is functional and lacks a bit of personality at times – so sometimes it’s a refreshing change to actually visit a store and see what’s going on. When retailers take time to craft an exceptional retail environment that serves their customer’s needs but also surpasses the experience of shopping online, their customers are much more likely to be repeat visitors. How can you create a stunning retail environment? Talk to us and see how we can help.

Customer service

Having the opportunity to interact with your customers is one of the most valuable pieces of marketing intelligence you can gather. Your front line staff will know what irks customers, what they want more of, less of and how to improve your service or product by engaging with your customers at a one to one level, which is why your sales and customer service teams are crucial to the customer’s in-store shopping experience.

Checking out

The checkout stage is often the last stage of the customer’s in-store shopping experience, so it pays to leave a good impression. Till POS and POS technology both play a crucial role here – and sadly it’s an area some retailers overlook. Every stage of the shopping experience should attract, engage and inspire your customers, so this final stage is no exception.

Clever technology

Even though the physical store is competing with the online version, there needs to be an element of technology added to create a positive differentiating factor. Check out our recent blog post on how you can create unique visual displays using technology to really add a wow factor to any in-store experience.

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