What Type of Print Media is Right for You and Your Business?

23rd May, 2016

What Type of Print Media is Right for You and Your Business?

In a world of digital communications, you might wonder what use print media would even be to your business, but if you overlook this essential area of your marketing collateral, the consequences could be fatal. Most businesses require a multi-channel approach to marketing communications, so ignore print media at your peril. Have we got your attention? Good. Now, you’re probably considering what type of print media is right for you and your business, and that’s where we can help. Read on to find the most popular types of print and how they could work for you.

Point of Sale (POS)

Clever POS can really impact on the engagement levels a customer has when in your premises. It includes everything from large format printing to screen printing, and with our best-in-class technology, we can transform your POS to bring it to life right where it matters most – in front of your customer.

Direct Mail

When it comes to creating memorable direct mail, you need to target your mailing lists to ensure a good return, and you need to work with a partner who can deliver a solution cost-effectively so you can enjoy a better ROI. Don’t just dismiss direct mail as money wasted - according to AnPost, it’s a channel that still holds massive potential for the Ireland market.


Whether you need a single complete set of stationery, or for multiple locations for your franchise network, few will argue that professionally printed stationery isn’t right for your business. Choose from letter headed paper, to compliment slips to business cards to complete the full suite of printed stationery. Maintain your brand across all your print media channels to ensure consistency and improve brand recognition as your customer moves through different online and offline touchpoints.


Do you publish an annual report? Perhaps you need to produce weekly or monthly magazines? If it’s the right channel for your business, make sure you get the message across in the right way with a professionally printed publication that sets the tone for your business. From magazines to journals to guide books – talk to us to see if we can add additional value to your printing.

Marketing collateral

Brochures, leaflets, flyers – any of these popular printed marketing collateral materials would be an asset to your business. Take advantage of our print management expertise, with benefits to you including our increased buying power to ensure you get our print at the best possible price, in-house brand guardians who will protect the integrity of your brand as carefully as you would, and our world leading procurement technology to bring your brand to market better and faster.

Promotional items

Printed media doesn’t just have to be on paper – what could you do with some printed merchandise? With our brand guardians, you can rest assured that your corporate branding will be consistent across all channels, like branded pens, badges, t-shirts, keyrings – the list goes on. Talk to us about how we could help promote your brand further.

Still have questions? We’re more than happy to help advise you on the options available, and hear your ideas for how you want to stand out using truly innovative and creative print media solutions, so feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

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