Why clever companies use us to streamline printed materials

2nd August, 2016

Why clever companies use us to streamline printed materials

Many companies will offer some sort of ‘print management solution’, but at The Smart Group, we take this area of marketing management very seriously, and actively work towards the goal of helping our customers to streamline printed materials, so that the right marketing collateral is in your hands at the right time. Getting this process right can make life so much easier for in-house marketing teams, especially when they need to try and balance the requirements for multiple locations or stores requiring print at different times and in different quantities. Here are just some of the reasons why clever companies use us to streamline printed marketing materials, leaving them time to focus on other essential tasks.

Fewer errors and delays

Managing printing between multiple suppliers means getting several quotes, seeking new samples, waiting for proofs, proofing new artwork and managing the expectations of the stores waiting for their print, who rarely understand all the behind the scenes work that has to happen before they have the finished result delivered to them. Streamlining printed materials with The Smart Group can mean this process is much more simplified, leading to fewer human errors and delays as everything is managed from one central location with a dedicated print account manager.

More efficient

Any process that leads to greater efficiencies can only be good news when it comes to business – time is money after all, and any time saved can be used elsewhere to drive your business forward. Making print management more efficient by streamlining the process is achieved using a management information system called Printelligence™ which ensures transparency, competitive pricing and real time reporting, all managed through a dedicated online portal. How handy is that?

Clearer view of the business

When you monitor the print management process from one single point, it allows you to make better decisions and respond to areas which you might otherwise miss if you are managing this process between multiple suppliers. For example, you might notice that a branch hasn’t ordered brochures in months, while other stores in your network are ordering more frequently – why is this? Are they sourcing their own materials which aren’t brand compliant? Are they experiencing a quiet spell, and therefore need a local marketing campaign to boost leads? Take control of your marketing armed with useful data intelligence.

Identify risks and troubleshoot before they develop further

Finding a problem with quality when you’ve already gone to print is a real nightmare, which is why clever companies trust us completely. We have a rigorous quality management approach which means that we never rest on our laurels when it comes to ensuring standards are met. We continuously review and audit our suppliers to make sure their work is of perfect quality, and if we’re not happy with it we’ll make it right so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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