Why you should ditch the script for your corporate promo

Why you should ditch the script for your corporate promo

29th June, 2020

It may seem daunting not to have a script for a video; but to achieve a natural outcome that looks sincere, it’s always better to be interviewed.

Firstly, we recommend writing down a rough list of what you would like the video to cover. Most important thing is to have a clear sight of your goal and ensure the content you are creating is aligned.

Is your goal to create brand awareness? Do you wish to increase leads for a certain service you provide? Would you like to highlight how great of a company yours is to work for? There are tonnes of great ways we can help you meet your brief. If you have multiple goals and you find your list is getting very long, we can help you break down the content into a broad-ranging campaign.

The Smart Group will work with your team to develop a cross-media communication strategy and a list of goals and topics you need to cover in the interviews. We will draft a range of questions we can ask stakeholders on the day of filming. Our list of questions will be made available for review before filming, and edits can be made if necessary. However, we do not recommend drafting answers and learning them off word for word. This will evidently cause stress on the day when you’re in front of the camera and your mind goes blank! You are an expert in your business, so when you speak naturally about your business, people will understand.

Don’t worry, we will take all of the pressure off. We can re-shoot and edit every answer until you’re happy the message and content is what you want it to be. We are there to help you tell your story.

For more information on getting a corporate promo produced for your company, contact Aoife Gainsford, Head of Digital at Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

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